Movement Journal: Week 7

We’ve been using the Go Noodle videos at my practicum school, and they really are great! The kids love them, and it is such a breezy way for the teacher to conduct and participate in a movement break. Well, if the technology works. I get nervous using technology in the classroom at times, because when it fails… Then what? Contingency plan at the ready? I feel like technology in the classroom is wonderful when it aids and enhances student learning, but it can just as easily hinder the process when not dealt with carefully. I know that I personally have a journey ahead with the elusive SMART Board. It was great to learn about all the different tech apps and gadgets exist out there for educational use, like Edmodo.

As for the dance component of today’s lesson, I imagine that teaching a choreographed dance number is not an easy task! I wonder how I will remember all those dance moves when I have to be up there leading a class of little ones. It was good to have each dance move broken down and modeled, so that I knew what I needed to do as the music played. I enjoyed having some time to invent dance moves with buddies, I bet the kids would love it! I wonder how dance would be assessed in PHE class, since not everyone is blessed with the grace of ballerinas and hip hop stars. Effort, participation, working knowledge of moves, and skill?

One thought on “Movement Journal: Week 7”

  1. Great post Lisa! My practicum class does not use Go Noodle for brain breaks, but I will definitely be incorporating the resource into my own future classroom. I had so much fun with the Go Noodle dance exercise in Nancy and Robins class, and bet it would be very enjoyable for the kids.

    Today’s dance lesson was well organized and a lot of fun. I too enjoyed the creative component where we split off into groups and were able to come up with our own short routines. The group leading the lesson did a great job of breaking down the steps for us and allowing a good amount of time for everyone to be on the same page. I am uncoordinated when it comes to following a dance routine, so that extra time to catch up with everyone and learn the steps properly was appreciated.

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