Weekly Summary – Heart Rate

Wow! Apparently I have a really high heart rate, all the time? I had no idea! I don’t want to google what this means and self-diagnose right now until the school year is over for the winter break. I WILL say however that I really enjoyed today’s group teach, that incorporated the use of checking in with our heart rate, and can see how this would be an excellent use of combining a science lesson about body systems with a PE lesson, and you could even transfer this to a Math class where we do the calculations for our heart rate, and a Language Arts lesson where we work our research skills for the body systems, or on storytelling about an individual involved in high intensity sports.


I really liked as well how there were three stages to the lesson, and we checked our heart rate after each one. This could be tied to overarching concepts such as change, personal growth, cause and effect, or interconnectedness. A really wonderful lesson you guys, and I appreciated that you used previous dance moves from the other class that we were able to remember and add on to. I think this is one of the only times we were able to tie two classes group teaches together to build on previous skills and I really appreciate you did that.

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