Week 8: Group B: Dance

I think dance is an incredibly powerful tool for expression, self-exploration, cultivating creativity, building community and just general increasing of joy and well being. I have always found dance to be an incredibly joyful and pleasurable experience. I think most children at a very young age discover dance and the joys of free movement. Social standards, among other things, can stifle a young person’s desire or freedom to explore dance. I think society views dance as far lower on the hierarchy of important or worthwhile activities compared with sport or academics (as most arts are viewed). From an education standpoint I see an enormous amount of potential for enriching a student’s understanding of the world and themselves through dance. The potential for cross-curricular study is also quite vast. Because dance is so closely linked with culture you could study dance in terms of it’s cultural and historical context. Participating in learning a culture’s dance brings about a visceral and deep understanding and appreciated for that culture. During the last Pro-D day I participated in a seminar where we learned Circle Dance. I was given a deeper understanding of how dance can teach connectedness and our ability to express through movement. In circle dance you are confronted with the faces of your fellow dancers and you often hold their hands. Moving in unison in this connected way is quite powerful. We were asked to create a circle dance together at the end. This was also very impactful. I felt we built something together and with a very distinct purpose. We chose one quality that we would try and embody and express through our dance. This is something I would love to try with students. Dance is a beautiful way to get kids moving and enjoying an active lifestyle.

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