Week 11 – Movement Journal

Track and field was an interesting lesson this week. Personally I struggled with the first game we played. I found I did not have enough momentum to push off and get away from the team that was chasing us. I wonder if this game would have been better if the spaces between the two teams was a little further apart.

The racing around the activities was an interesting activity! The group did a great job of explaining it, though I wonder if this would be an easy enough activity to explain if there was only one teacher instead of four. I know that after we split up into our groups, our group needed a second explanation of what exactly we were doing. With strong leaders in the classroom, I believe this would still be possible.

Regarding the topic of diversity and inclusion, I feel that this lesson could be easily adapted for students with a variety of different learning needs. If a child was in a wheelchair they would still be able to participate in the baton race activity, except they would race to the other team in their wheelchair instead of using their legs. If a student struggled with a language barrier, it may be possible to pair them with a student who speaks the same first language as this student so that they can participate in the class activity as well. For me, the most important thing is that all students are included in the physical education classroom whether they suffer from a learning or physical disability, or even a language barrier.

Thanks for keeping us all active! I feel like we all got a workout on Friday morning.

One thought on “Week 11 – Movement Journal”

  1. I agree with Iris that the first game was a little frustrating. I think that a little more space between the groups and more space to run would improve it! The concept of the game is great, however.

    I do not typically enjoying running at all (I have knee injuries from skiing and running long distances can be quite painful). I was happy that we got to run short distances. The activities were really fun, and had lots of teamwork. I liked the group effort as running always seems like an individual activity to me.

    The instructing group did very well! Everyone was enthusiastic and I commend them on taking on a topic that is not as “loved” as some others. I really liked how Megan clearly demonstrated all of the skills we were expected to know (e.g. opposite arm, opposite leg).

    Again, I agree that the activity is easily adaptable to meet the diverse needs of students. Behaviour issues are a concern of mine, however, when the group splits up around the track. I think it would be difficult for a teacher to observe the whole group and address the needs of each student. I am also concerned about ELL students. Some of the instruction was fairly complicated and took multiple explanations to us as English speaking adults. It may be difficult for ELL students to understand the activities.

    In general, I thought it was a really great lesson! The group took a potentially very difficult topic and created a lesson plan that was engaging and entertaining! Well done!

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