Track and Field Group

We had an interesting discussion in our summary of readings this week. The readings carried themes of class inclusion and working with diversity and positive language to provide the best possible PE experience for students. Because of social “norms” such as gender identity, sexual orientation, race and ethnicity; a PE class is a common ground for bullying and harassment. Some questions arose during discussion such as how to prevent discrimination of students that look “different” because of their development and maturity. As a group we discussed talking to the student privately, or the whole class as group. I think our general decision was that both options are viable but it’s what language we use to discuss the matter.

The activities that were used last Friday were both great games. I was surprise at the amount of confusion in the rooster/rabbit game. After the game I was thinking ways I could make it more clear and understandable for students. Having students wear jerseys and making the court bigger providing more running room for students.

The final activity where they had the entire class spread out in groups along the track. Each group had to march in unison around the track and when the baton came to them then the front person of the group had to sprint with the baton to the next group in front. The two batons circled the track chasing each other for 10 minutes or until one baton has caught up with the other. This is a great activity because it fosters that competitive nature of sport without concluding with a winner and/or loser.   I am excited to try this game in my class!

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