Movement Journal for Week 10 (Nov 27th): Amanda Santos

Congratulations to the group this week. Liz, Cheryl, Mary and Rob, the lesson was so much fun. Upon first glance, physical and health literacy seems like a hard topic to create a PE lesson plan around, however, you all did a great job incorporating both topics into the lesson. The creativity of the warm-up and cool down was awesome and the instant activity was so much fun as well. All in all it was great to have so much choice and flexibility within the lesson.

I never really thought about health and physical literacy before this course. These concepts are an integral part of the foundation of physical education and life as well. It is clear that health literacy has a symbiotic relationship with physical literacy. Being a balanced person and understanding how to be literate and take care of one’s own self is important for children to understand. Physical education is no longer just about sport but about the child or person as a whole. Health literacy encompasses more than I thought and learning about the many aspects of health literacy was enlightening. The lesson made me take into consideration how literate I am in both health and physical literacy and how I can change that.       

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  1. Hi Amanda,

    I completely agree with you when you say that physical education is no longer just about playing sports but about living a healthy lifestyle. Physical education has been such a negative experience for so many students in the past, especially those who do not particularly enjoy being athletics or sports. However, I think that this change in the curriculum will definitely change the stigma around physical education, and that more students will enjoy participating in PE. I think that by incorporating elements such as healthy eating, and mental health, students can begin to look at physical education with a more holistic lense.
    This lesson also got me reflecting on how literate I am in both health and physical literacy. I think that often we as educators don’t always practice what we preach. To be an effective educator I think this is something that I must work on for my future practice.

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