Week 10 movement post

Way to go Liz, Cheryl, Mary, and Rob! I really enjoyed the group teach today and was extremely impressed with the preparation and planning that went into the lesson. I liked that the instant activity, warm up, and cool down were inclusive of all physical abilities. By using animals and natural settings like the jungle or forest, I think these activities would be great as an introduction or follow-up to other subjects that focus on animals and land, like science. The main activity of stations that provided choice was by far my favourite aspect of the group teach as I liked being able to play and try out new equipment with different people. I also liked that it was OK to gravitate towards stations that I preferred (like soccer and dance). The stations did a great job of hitting on the learning outcome of, “how to participate in different types of physical activities, including individual and dual activities, rhythmic activities, and games.”

Through the discussion that focused largely on healthy living and well-being, we talked about how we could incorporate healthy living into our classrooms when we are not doing PE. In my practicum class we use movement stations that have card instructions such as, “run on the spot,” “wall push-ups,” and “jumping-jacks,” as brain breaks. I know DPA is supposed to be 30 minutes of daily physical activity, but not all schools are enforcing this. As future teachers, it is important to remember that daily physical activity and PE are as valid and valuable to learn as math, writing, or reading. Throughout my long practicum I hope to incorporate more active ways of learning, as well as educate my class about health and well-being.

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  1. Great team-teach on Friday Cheryl, Rob, Liz and Mary! I agree with you Jackie, I also had a really good time participating. I liked how prepared the group was, and how the lesson flowed together nicely. Having the gym set up the way the group did not only enhanced curiosity, it created an engaging atmosphere. The main activity could really be applied to any grade, and is something I would love to do in my practicum school. I didn’t realize how important freedom of choice is in a PE setting. It not only allows students to try new things, it allows them to take apart in activities that they enjoy. I also really liked the instant activity. I thought it was great that students had to work together to create an end goal; creating the letter that the teacher called out. I agree with you Jackie that the warm up/cool down activity can be applied in a cross-curricular setting. If you were doing a unit on wildlife, applying forest animals into physical education would be very beneficial. I will definitely utilize this activity.

    In terms of the discussion on healthy living and well-being, I too would like to implement an aspect of this on my long practicum. My class does already take a lot of active brain breaks, but I would like to address more of the health benefits, as well as using Physical Education in a cross-curricular setting.

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