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Week 10 movement post

Way to go Liz, Cheryl, Mary, and Rob! I really enjoyed the group teach today and was extremely impressed with the preparation and planning that went into the lesson. I liked that the instant activity, warm up, and cool down were inclusive of all physical abilities. By using animals and natural settings like the jungle or forest, I think these activities would be great as an introduction or follow-up to other subjects that focus on animals and land, like science. The main activity of stations that provided choice was by far my favourite aspect of the group teach as I liked being able to play and try out new equipment with different people. I also liked that it was OK to gravitate towards stations that I preferred (like soccer and dance). The stations did a great job of hitting on the learning outcome of, “how to participate in different types of physical activities, including individual and dual activities, rhythmic activities, and games.”

Through the discussion that focused largely on healthy living and well-being, we talked about how we could incorporate healthy living into our classrooms when we are not doing PE. In my practicum class we use movement stations that have card instructions such as, “run on the spot,” “wall push-ups,” and “jumping-jacks,” as brain breaks. I know DPA is supposed to be 30 minutes of daily physical activity, but not all schools are enforcing this. As future teachers, it is important to remember that daily physical activity and PE are as valid and valuable to learn as math, writing, or reading. Throughout my long practicum I hope to incorporate more active ways of learning, as well as educate my class about health and well-being.

Week 8 – Track and Field Group Teach Reflection

Teaching Physical Education is something that I was a little worried about going into this program. Because I did not particularly enjoy PE growing up, I was concerned that my experience would transfer into my PE teaching practice. However, Steve has done an excellent job in teaching us how to make PE fun and inclusive for everyone. In addition, I could not imagine a better environment to learn how to teach PE, than being in our CITE cohort! As a result of this, I found myself really looking forward to teaching sprinting at the track.

Our warm up activity, Rabbits and Roosters, was a little tricky as a lot of people were a bit confused on how it worked. This is something that I was not anticipating, but is completely realistic in a classroom setting. After a few tries, everyone was getting the hang of it, and seemed to be having fun. If I could do this again, I think I would get a few students to help us model it, so that students could first see how it should look like. But I think Megan did a super excellent job at demonstrating each round, and what the students should be focusing on as they play the game.

Our cumulative activity also seemed to be a great hit! I was a little apprehensive about how people were going to receive this activity, mostly because of how big the track is, especially for sprinting. But it turned out to be great, and everyone was using the sprinting techniques that Rabbits and Roosters focused on. The baton relay race also had just the right amount of competitiveness to it, that everyone seemed to enjoy the race, and everyone felt included.

This lesson could also be adapted to include any students with disabilities. For instance, if there was a child in a wheel chair, the child could get help from another student while racing around the track passing the baton.

Overall, I felt that our group worked really well together, and we all had an opportunity to share our ideas and contribute equally to the group teach. Thanks everyone for making it such a fun lesson to teach!


Jenny Cho’s Movement Journal Post – Week 9 Individual Sports

Great to be back for our PE class! I absolutely love track and field. I really enjoyed the way they set up relay. It was not competitive, everyone was engaged and everyone tried their best even when it wasn’t a race! I would love to use this whenever I have a chance when I am teaching.  Way to go Megan, Devon, Jen and Michelle.

The chapter for this week focused on diversity in a classroom, and our discussion question left us all confused. It is so hard to find a balance in a diverse classroom. We were looking for answers, but that is when we realize, there is no right or wrong answer. As a teacher, we have to weigh out the options and chose the one we believe is best fit for our class. It is very important for teachers to build that relationship with their students in order to assess their strength and weakness. It is ideal to include everyone and let them express themselves. Just like Megan, Devon, Jen and Michelle’s lesson. Everyone was able to run at their own pace with no pressure. I am sure there would be more resources/lesson plans available for us to carry about an all inclusive physical education lesson.