Movement Journal- week 10

It was our last group teach for PE last Friday. I thought the group did an amazing job on teaching health and physical literacy. The instant activity of spelling out letters was fun and gave us the opportunity to be creative (I love the CITE photo Steve took). I was in Cheryl’s group for reading discussion; the summary was clear and concise, which gave us the chance to reflect more for discussion. I learned new information and strategies for facilitating health and physical activities into other subjects and I had fun listening to other people share their experiences. The warm up and the cool down were awesome; I can imagine grade 2-3 students would be really engaged with acting out as wild animals in the jungle.  Also, this is a great activity to do a cross curriculum with a drama class! I loved the main activity and I was able to get to 13 out of the 16 stations.  We all had so much fun; they must have spent a lot of time preparing for all those stations and setting up. I like how they connected different subjects to the activities at different stations, such as art, music, English and health. This last PE lesson was a great demonstration of how to do cross curriculum with PE and other subjects and it was very well taught!

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  1. I totally agree that the group did an amazing job teaching about Health Literacy on Friday. It didn’t occur to me that the warm-up and cool-down could both be cross-curricular lessons – thanks for pointing that out! The group did an amazing job demonstrating SIXTEEN potential activities to do with students (not counting the warm up and cool down!). It was refreshing to see that many of these did not revolve around pure athleticism. Many were about creativity, positive thinking, and/or living a healthy lifestyle. It was so inspiring to see so many ways that we can work PE and physical literacy into our elementary classrooms, both during and outside of the PE block.
    Although it is possibly unrealistic to have sixteen stations in a real elementary PE class, I think it could be done with great classroom management. My kindergarten students really enjoy centres, during which they have the freedom to choose which station they would like to play at. My SA makes sure to really emphasize that although they can play at any centre, the students should make smart choices about who and what they play with; a centre will not be fun if it is too crowded. Using this same mentality, I think a group of elementary students could be expected to self-direct themselves around stations. However, I would likely do an activity similar to this with fewer stations and in a much smaller area than a gymnasium, so I could see everyone more easily.

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