Physical Literacy- Week 9 Post

What an amazing way to wrap up PE 320! Cheryl, Elizabeth, Jennifer and Rob pulled off the most intricate physical literacy lesson. I believe there was over 16 stations with various activities and levels of engagement. I really enjoyed the free-play nature of this lesson. Being able to engage with different stations and tasks and move on as you please was wonderful. I enjoyed that there were multiple stations that weren’t being used so you could always move along without having to take turns and wait. The lesson was very well designed in this sense. I would have enjoyed travelling with a partner for a little more motivation to read and try some of the other activities. My favourite activities were those where I got to colour a flower with motivational phrases, the meditation station and the goal making template. For me, I was always the type of PE student who preferred to participate in sports so it was nice to challenge myself by doing more low key activities. I can see how this lesson was designed for all learners. Although this lesson seemed like a lot to organize,  most activities were quite simple to coordinate and doing it over the course of a few weeks would be worth the effort. The group had put a lot of thought into aspects of the lesson from the tic-tac-toe organizer that encouraged movement to stations and the way they approached us during the lesson and encouraged us to challenge ourselves and stay on-task.

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