The Final Post

How do I plan, participate, and advocate for School Based Physical Activity? An important question that as educators it is our responsibility to encourage the school as a whole to be more physically active. This increase in physical activity does not need to be drastic by building a new gymnasium. Physically active lifestyle choices can be implemented into the daily routine of the individual class. I would encourage fellow educators to start their day with a brisk morning walk, approximately 20 minutes, and during this walk the class can engage in cross-curricular education. One morning the students could be observing for scientific research, for example, the different types of moss. I would also recommend for schools that have limited Physical Education time, anything less than once a day, to combined blocks with other classes to optimize student physical activity. Finally the last tool that I would use to increase the physical activity of the whole school would be once a month offers a “sports day”. This program would change monthly to adapt to the weather. During the winter months I suggest a school trip to a swimming pool, skating rink, or a ski hill. This program would expose students of all ages to the wide variety of sports related positions.

Through adaptations to the school as a physically active environment we will encourage students to become lifelong students of health and physical education. By supporting students at a young age we are setting them up with the knowledge and skill base that they need to strive in the future. By educating students on healthy eating practices they will be prepared to make healthy choices throughout their life. The programs that encourage healthy eating habits are present in PE class, Science, and Home Economics. Cross-circular programs that encourage students to inquire about their health is the future. The presence of school or community gardens is impressive. By teaching students to get dirty and grow their own vegetables we are teaching them valuable life long skills.

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