BC Wheelchair Sports

I am really grateful for the opportunity to have BC wheelchair sports visit our class and enrich our knowledge on the opportunities they provide for individuals with physical disabilities to engage in able-bodied sports. Opportunities provided by the BC wheelchair sports truly changes the lives of individuals with physical disabilities as it encourages, supports, and respects their active living goals. By doing so, a sense of achievement and success is provided for them. This feeling will contribute to their motivation to continue in their personal active life goals and embrace a life long physical literacy. As I reflect, I remember one of our professors pointing out that it is inadequate to have able-bodied individuals to experience wheelchair sports themselves to motivate them to create equality and fairness for the students in the class. Although I agree that it is important for the people who introduce this topic and provide this opportunity to have expertise and knowledge, which transfers into their ability to appropriately deliver content material to the right age group. However, having had the opportunity to personally experience wheelchair sports myself, while not knowing much about the programs that BC wheelchair sports offered, the equipments themselves, the sports, and the skills that it requires; I am confident to say that this experience has really made me realize how talented, strong, and athletic these individuals are, and has motivated me to have my students exposed to this information and be able to experience this themselves.


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