Last day Reflection

Wow, what a packed and productive last class. I can’t believe we managed to fit in group discussions, two group presentations, and a resource share. I am really happy we had the opportunity to share our resources with everybody else. I was really impressed with some of the lesson plan ideas and resources that I was hearing and thinking of ways how I would incorporate them into my extended practicum. The group presentation on Yoga did an incredible job considering the time constraints. I found myself quite relaxed and stretched out after their activity. Yoga is a mind-body workout that will improve flexibility but also bring back focus and concentration. I teach grade 1’s and I imagine they may have trouble focusing while practicing certain yoga poses, however I’d like to try it with them perhaps as a cool down at the end of a PE session, with a peaceful song playing in the background. Yoga’s gentle movements are useful tools to relieve tension that may have built up during the PE activity and may help relax them. Breathing exercises is also an aspect of Yoga that I want my kids to practice. I would introduce the breathing exercises to them during our yoga cool down and keep referring back to them in times of anxiety and stress that they may encounter throughout the day. Overall, I think Yoga poses and exercises are adaptable to any age level and its skills can translate to actions that are mindful when engaging in other things.

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