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Movement Journal for Week 5 (Oct 9th): Amanda Santos

This week the focus of class was invasion games and we learned about the TGfU model as an approach to PE class. Firstly, I thought that the group did an exceptional job taking us through the lesson. I liked the warmup and the cool down a lot. The game part was awesome and I definitely broke a sweat! The group did a great job breaking down the ideas behind an invasion game and using the TGfU model within their plan. It was fun and I could see a grade 5 class really enjoying that lesson and it was great because there were so many skills being worked on as well.

A discovery approach would be useful in game play because it could provide the students the opportunity to take ownership of their learning. Rather than the teacher giving up all the answers it is up to the students to realize what they are learning and why they are learning it. Questioning students with open ended questions and bringing that inquiry type of learning to PE class would benefit students.

The lesson today definitely included all learners. Breaking down the skills helps to include all learners. The TGfU model encompasses different aspects to help students learn but also be included.