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Meghan’s Movement Post September 23, Week 3

Hey everyone,

Sorry this is late! I completely forgot about it!  Going along with my theme of not-being-a-reflection, here is my ode to PE teachers through the eyes of the student!  Enjoy!


English, math, oh what a bore!

I fidget in my seat, bum sore,

C’mon clock, a little more!

I just want to play and score.


The clock says ten, the teacher stands,

‘Lets calmly walk’, teacher demands

We all file up, our hands in hands

Anxious, nervous, everyone understands


We enter the gym, all hell breaks loose,

We shame each other, playing duck duck goose.

We play with balls, that are dirty with use

We swallow our fear, like tightening the noose.


It’s baseball now, there is fear in the air,

Who will strike out, this game isn’t fair.

There’s a fly ball, catch it if you dare,

Jimmy will pummel you at recess, with care.


Report card season, you get your first grade.

You know with PE, you tried, and you played

Hopefully an A!, last night all you prayed,

A B-, poor skill set, is what the letter displayed.


PE, what a scene of mockery and shame,

You know in your heart, it’s all one big game

In high school you skip, can’t contain your disdain

It was that first B, poor skill set, who is to blame.