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Little Elephant Plays Netball – Week 5? October 7, 2015

Once upon a time there was a little elephant.  Little elephant had a trunk that was a little too long, and so little elephant was teased often.  Little elephant was called pinocchio, long nose, and weirdo.  Little elephant wished on every star and blade of grass that he would wake up one day with a normal sized trunk and so all of the other little elephants would be his friend.  Little elephant’s long trunk often made him unbalanced, and so he often fell over, because none of the adult elephants ever took the time to teach him how to walk with a slightly longer trunk.  One day ‘Old Gray’ walked up to little elephant and told him about all of the wonderful things that his longer trunk can do, such as throwing objects.  Little elephant created games where he learned to shift his weight while he threw, and really project objects using his trunk. He started small, sticks and stones, and ended up tall, with fallen trees and boulders.  Every game he played helped increase his trunk strength, his aim, this distance and so his confidence.

Little elephant grew, and as he grew, his trunk grew with him.  Fortunately the other elephants realized little elephants potential, and started to appreciate his talents.  The other elephants wished that they had such a mentor that helped them realize what they could do.  One day, a hunter was creeping towards the elephants, wanting ‘Old Baboo’s’ tusks.  Little elephant was by the watering hole, and so was too far away to help the other elephants attack.  However, there was a giant rock by Little Elephant, and he picked it up. Because he had practised and played so diligently as a little elephant, he aimed and threw.  He killed the hunter!!! Little elephant became a hero, and all of the other elephants decided to never tease the ‘different’ elephants again.  They also learned that starting with easy games helped realize each elephant’s potential for strength and fitness later on in life, to help kill greedy horrible tusk hunters.  And elephants were never poached again.

The end.