Troy Nickle

Troy Nickle is a visiting artist from Lethbridge, Alberta. His eco-art installation Process, Place and Perception will be at the Alternator Centre downtown Kelowna until September 6. The Woodhaven Eco Culture Centre was also fortunate enough to receive a visit from this interdisciplinary artist, who installed this piece in the forest, next to the winding driveway . . .

Woodhaven Installation 2          Woodhaven Installation 1

The four stones catch the walker unawares — unannounced, unpretentious, waiting in a circle of light between trees — and the words engraved on them are like a riddle or a koan. All Time is Now; Time is All Now; Now is All Time. Which reading is correct? Will you stand and ponder the question, or will you take it with you when you go? If anyone can teach us mere mortals anything about time, it is probably a stone.

This installation is open to the public. More information here.  Photographs by Emily MacMillen.

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