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I guess this is my last post on the WH blog! Working on this summer program has been such a great experience. Here’s the short version of the list of people I’d like to thank for all the help and inspiration throughout the spring and summer. THANKS TO:

Nancy Holmes! Poet & project overseer, professor & mentor.  Lori Mairs, for the advice & groundedness & all the behind-the-scenes work.  Karen Donaldson Shepherd, virtuoso Woodhaven soundscape artist.  Megan Hunter, for assistance with the earliest Woodshed Readings & for the hand-painted signs.  Emily MacMillen for the photo & video documentation.  Marlene Creates for her inspirational early residency & community eco-art workshops.  Jeannette Angel, for the initial idea of the old woodshed itself as a performance space.  Sharon Thesen for pointing out the verb “to woodshed” i.e. to do a retreat or a residency, in order to work on one’s art, music, or writing.

HS 9          HS 10          HS 14

Thank you to all of the many readers & listeners in the summer 2014 Woodshed Reading series! May this become an ongoing tradition.

Thank you to all of the visiting artists, scholars, teachers, musicians, performers, & volunteers who have made the woods & streambeds of Woodhaven hum like a tuning fork. May this energy keep flowing!

Thank you to the woods & streambeds of Woodhaven.


(Who took this picture?)



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