Online TA Application


Website for the online LFS TA Application,

Please note, for security reasons, the LFS TA website requires VPN connection for anyone trying to access the site off-campus. Click here for information/instructions on VPN.

To apply for a TA position within LFS, you need to complete and submit an online application.  Please note – you MUST be registered as a student in a degree program during the term you are TA’ing (this applies to both Winter Session and Summer Session TA’s).

There are usually a limited number of TA positions available during Summer Session (approximately 20 with hours ranging from 40 to 90 hours/assignment).  The Summer Session application is usually posted for a two-week period in March.

The application for Winter Session is posted on March 31 and remains open until April 30.

After the application deadline, instructors will begin selecting their TA’s.  If an instructor is interested in offering you a position, you will be contacted directly by the instructor. Please DO NOT contact the Graduate Program Office to inquire about your application. You will ONLY be contacted by this office in the event that an instructor has selected you as a TA.

Occasionally, a TA position will be available.  There are a number of reasons for this:  increase in course enrollment, change in TA, etc.  When positions are available, notification is sent out to all current LFS graduate students and posted on the TA Portal.

If you are selected as a successful candidate for a position, you will receive an email with offer details that will include the name of the course, the term of the appointment, the number of assigned hours and the wage classification.

The maximum number of hours that a TA can work is 192 hours per term (12 hours/week X 16 week period). You MUST inform the Graduate Programs Office if you have or will be accepting any TA positions either within LFS and/or external to the Faculty with a total hour count in excess of 192 hours as we will be unable to process appointments that exceed 192 hours per term without permission from CUPE 2278.  If an instructor contacts you to offer you a TA position, please inform them of any other TA assignment(s) you have committed to and the number of appointed hours.

Occasionally, a student may be assigned hours in excess of 192/term.  In order to do so, the LFS Graduate Program Manager will request permission from CUPE 2278 in advance of the appointment.  In addition, this only happens in rare instances and must be approved before the term begins.  The Faculty of Land and Food Systems has an internal maximum number of hours of 225 hours per term for these occasions.

If you are selected for a position and have never worked for UBC before, you will be required to submit supporting documentation: a UBC Personal Data form, copy of your valid student/work permit and a photocopy of your SIN. Please note that you cannot be hired at UBC without a valid Social Insurance Number (SIN).

If you are an international student, you MUST also have a valid student/work permit and will be required to submit a clear photocopy of this document.

Offers for 2018 Winter Sessions, terms 1 and 2 positions will be made from May-August 2018.

 A word on supporting documentation and privacy

In order to prepare TA appointments, some students may be asked for supporting documentation.  Students who have never been employed by UBC will be required to submit a signed Personal Data Form along with a scanned copy of their SIN.  International students will also need to submit a valid copy of their Study Permit.

If you are concerned about confidentiality of these documents, please note – these files are only accessible to the administrator of the online application, the Manager, Graduate Programs – LFS and the LFS Human Resources office.  Once the application process is over, these files are removed from the server.

The site of the online TA application is protected with a secure certificate which encrypts the transmission of your documents.

In addition, file storage is not browseable without administrator level permissions.