Mandatory Training Requirements


 1.  New Worker Safety Orientation

The New Worker Safety Orientation covers general safety information that all workers must be aware of before beginning to work at UBC. Once the general safety course is complete, workers must also receive a site specific safety orientation as each area will have their own safety procedures (i.e. meeting area during a building evacuation, etc…).

2.  Preventing and Addressing Workplace Bullying and Harassment Training

At UBC, we strive to provide a safe, respectful and productive work environment for our faculty, staff and student employees. The Respectful Environment Statement sets out the expectations of everyone who is a member of the UBC community in this regard.

Bullying or harassment are behaviours that prevent us from the kind of respectful and productive environment envisioned in the Respectful Environment Statement. Bullying or harassment are not acceptable and will not be tolerated at UBC.

This website provides information for UBC faculty, staff and student employees on how to prevent bullying and harassment in the workplace; how to handle and report bullying and harassment; and how to support a respectful environment in the workplace.

3.  Workplace Violence Prevention Training

All workers must know how to respond in a potentially threatening or violent situation. The Workplace Violence Prevention Training covers general personal security information. Departments may also have site specific procedures.

4. & 5.  Privacy & Information Security Fundamentals, Parts 1 and 2

Information sharing is so common today that it is understandable for people to become complacent about privacy and information security. Yet, everyone has the right to expect their personal information to remain safe and secure.

At UBC, we are responsible for substantial amounts of personal information about students, faculty, staff, alumni, and donors. Protecting this information is everyone’s responsibility.