User Help – Applicants


Home Page:

The Home Page is the first screen you see after logging in. Before you have applied for a Job, your Home page will show your Profile information and tabs (Basic Information, Additional Information and Resume). When you have completed the mandatory Basic, Additional and Resume information, you will be able to explore and apply for Jobs.

Once you have applied for Jobs, Home Page acts as your dashboard and provides the summary of jobs you have applied for and the total TA hours you have accepted a contract for and committed to for the term.

Also, you can click links leading to your History page, and your Favorites list. You can click on the Explore Jobs button, or on the Details page for the Jobs.

Updating your Profile, Resume and Confidential Information:

Click on the profile tab on your home page. On the View Profile page, you can observe 3 options: basic information, additional information and resume.    

Basic Information Tab:

This information cannot be changed by the user and is pulled from the central IT database associated with your CWL. To change this information, contact the Administrative Coordinator.

Additional User Information Tab:

This is the additional information that you can provide and includes your preferred name, your role within the faculty, current program, anticipated graduation date, your most recent degrees and details, and any TA or employee training that you have received. You can also add your previous TA and employment experience. Click on ‘Edit Additional Information’ to edit this information.

Resume Tab:

Upload your resume via the Resume tab, using one of the acceptable document types. This resume will be visible to instructors when you apply for their TA positions.

To update your uploaded resume, delete the old version and upload the new version in its place.

Confidential Information Page:

You may be asked to submit certain documents, depending on your immigration status and UBC employment history.

To submit these documents, click on ‘Profile’ in the grey menu line (upper right), and choose the Confidential Information’ option from the dropdown menu. Depending on whether you are an international student or a domestic student, provide the following information.

International students Domestic students
  • UBC Employee number (if previous UBC employee),
  • SIN Number (showing expiry),
  • Study Permit (showing expiry)
  • UBC Employee Number (if previous UBC employee),
  • SIN number (image of SIN card)
All new UBC employees will need to submit a Personal Data Form. See to access this form and instructions.

To update any personal data (such as address), please use the Personal Data Form also.

Questions on this form should be addressed to, or check the UBC HR website for contact information.

SIN and Study Permit images submitted under the confidential information tab are encrypted.

Applying for Jobs:

  1. Click on the ‘Explore’ option under the ‘Jobs’ menu. Select the term you wish to apply for.
  2. A list of active job postings appears. You can apply filters or search manually for a specific course code or program or other fields from the search options on the top of the list.
  3. Click on the document icon to open the job description
  4. To apply for the job, click on the ‘Apply’ button in the rightmost column.
  5. Answer the questions in the webform. Ensure that you have your supervisor’s approval before applying for the TA job and have mentioned your availability based on your schedule.
  6. Click on ‘Apply’ at the end of the webform. Your application will be submitted.
  7. You can bookmark a job posting as a favorite by clicking on the star on the left side bar of the job posting page. Click on 'Apply’ to submit your application.             .

Accessing Bookmarked Favorite Jobs:

You can bookmark jobs as favorites in case you want to review it later. It can be done for jobs you have already applied for or jobs you intend to apply for.

  1. To open your favorite jobs, click on the Favorite option under the ‘Jobs’ menu. 
  2. Users have the option to use the manual search and filter courses based on different fields.

Note: If a job is crossed out, the job application has been closed by the administrators.

Accept/Decline/Terminate Job Offer:

Once you have submitted your job application, it will be reviewed by the course instructor. If a decision has been made to send you an Offer contract, you will see Offered by that job in your job history. You will also receive an email through the LFS TA Application System for each specific TA position being offered. It will be from the Academic Coordinator, on behalf of the Associate Dean, Academic and will be sent to through the LFS TA Application to the email address you supplied in your Basic Information.

Note: KEEP A COPY of this Offer email – it is your contract, and the only copy you will receive.

  1. Click on ‘History’ to open the list of applied jobs under the ‘Jobs’ menu. The list shows all your completed job applications.
  2. You can search your history, filtering courses based on different fields.
  3. When you receive a job Offer contract, you are expected to Accept or Decline it in the LFS TA Application at the earliest possible date, normally no later than 10 business days from the date of the Offer.
  4. Your total accepted hours as a TA shows in the top right of the page.
  5. To terminate your job contract after you have accepted an Offer, please contact the your supervisor (the course instructor) first. Depending on the situation, you may need to communicate with others also.

Note: If you need to request a change in the number of hours you have accepted, contact the course instructor first. If your request is approved by the instructor, your original Offer contract will need to be cancelled and a new Offer contract sent by the Academic Coordinator.