Schedule B


The Dues Deduction Form or Dues Deduction Form authorizes UBC to deduct union dues, initiation fees and any assessments as established by CUPE 2278 from your wages.

It is a mandatory requirement that every TA must complete.

You do not have to complete a Schedule B for EACH of your TA appointments in every given term, but you do have to complete a new Schedule B for each session you will be TA’ing.

Please note:  the Schedule B form requires a SIGNATURE.  Please do not type or write your name on the line above “Signature of Employee”.

The Manager, Graduate Programs for LFS collects all Schedule B forms for TA’s who have been appointed up to August 9th and forwards these on behalf of the TA’s to CUPE 2278.  If you are appointed AFTER August 9th during any Winter Session, it is your responsibility to complete this form and send it to the union with a copy to the LFS Manager, Graduate Programs.