Contact information


LFS Administrator for TA Appointments within LFS:

Virginia Frankian
Academic Coordinator
Room 230, FNH Building
2205 East Mall
Vancouver BC  V6T 1Z4
Phone:  604-822-0434 (not answering during COVID-19 pandemic; please use email below)

Please note:  all TA-related correspondence should be sent to


LFS TA Training Coordinators 2020/21

Lennie Cheung

Tebby Leepile

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LFS Student Union Representative

To be updated soon

PLEASE NOTE:  At present, [updated soon] is the ONLY LFS CUPE 2278 TA representative.  As such, [he/she] is the only person eligible to represent LFS on committees, etc. as the CUPE 2278 representative.


UBC LFS TA Payroll Representative

Clare Choi
5th Floor, Technology Enterprise Facility
6190 Agronomy Road
Vancouver BC  V6T 1Z3

CUPE 2278

Suite 208 Gerald McGavin Building
2386 East Mall  V6T 1Z3
(604) 822-0424


CUPE 2278 Bulletin Board

The CUPE 2278 Bulletin Board is located directly across from the LFS Student Service Office (room 344 MacMillan Building)