Tracking & Reporting Hours


Tracking Hours

LFS TA hour tracker template

It’s important to track your TA hours.   In addition to tracking your hours, it’s also important that you communicate your hours periodically with the course instructor.

  • Safeguards you against working more hours than you are contracted to work.
  • Allows the course instructor to adjust TA work assignments/hours to ensure there is adequate TA support during peak periods.
  • Gives the course instructor an opportunity to intervene and assess areas where there may be miscommunication or misunderstanding of a TA’s duties or responsibilities (“You wanted me to PHOTOCOPY that section of the book for the students and NOT write all 257 pages out in longhand?” – a gross exaggeration, but hopefully you understand my attempt at showing how an instructor can assign a TA something that they think will only take a few minutes, but if the instructions are misunderstood, it could end up taking the TA several hours).

Starting 2018, tracking hours and submitting the final worksheets to the course instructor and keeping a copy yourself at the end of your TA appointment has become mandatory.  This will not only help the course instructor with planning and allocation of duties, but this information will also be valuable when reviewing assigned TA support hours for courses.

Please note:  Only the Associate Dean, Academic can approve additional TA hours for a course.  These requests can only be accommodated under exceptional circumstances and provided the additional costs are within the annual TA budget.   If additional hours have been approved, you will be required to decline your original offer so that a revised contract can be sent to you.   Retroactive additional hours will NOT be approved.  This is another reason why it is so important for the course instructor to know how many hours you have worked and how many hours remain on your TA contract.