Instructor Resources


URL for online TA Application:

Faculty, students and administrators use the same link to the LFS TA Application System.
There are specific periods each year when the System is open for students to apply to TA for upcoming Sessions.

Below are links for instructors on using the online LFS TA Application System.
Please contact Virginia Frankian at  if anything is unclear.

Please note:  If you are off campus, you must sign into the online TA application using VPN (Virtual Private Network).

  • Link to SISC Sections Controls User Guide. All TA’s have limited access to the Faculty Service Centre for the course(s) to which they are assigned.  Access is based on the TA’s “duty definitions” category options in the SISC (these are NOT related to the posted Job Descriptions).  TA’s may upload grades into FSC, but only course instructors can submit grades.  All LFS TA’s are assigned the following duty definition:

TA Student Contract – Level 2, Marking and Assisting.  This access allows students to have FSC Mapping access (class list/emails, enter grades), UBC TA Canvas access and SEOT TA Evaluation).