User Help – Instructors


Instructor Role:

Instructor roles are assigned by the Academic Coordinator or another Administrator. An Instructor can edit  the Course Overview, Description or Note for each assigned course., review applications, submit preferences for students based on those applications and assign TA hours. Offer contracts are sent to the selected students by the Academic Coordinator after the instructor has chosen the student and assigned hours.

Home Page:

  1. This is the page where you can review your basic information as it appears on the SSC.
  2. You can see your courses under the ‘Jobs’ tab or the ‘View Jobs’ button.

Reviewing Job Descriptions:

  1. Click on ‘Jobs’ in the grey menu bar (top left) or on the ‘View Jobs’ button (lower left) to view all of the courses under your purview.
  2. In the list that appears, under the ‘Job’ column, click on the course number you want to review to see the course details.

Adding or Editing Job Descriptions:

  1. Under the Actions column on the Jobs page, click on ‘Edit Job’ for the TA posting you want to update.
  2. The ‘Job Details Edit Form’ opens on a new page, with the option to Course Overview or Description, and add notes visible to Student applicants.
  3. The Instructor to add the job Description before you open the TA Application for students to apply for that Term.
  4. You can review past TA job details, if any, for the particular course in the ‘Past Job Details’ memo box (lower left).
  5. REMEMBER: Click on ‘Update’ on the bottom of the form to save any changes. If you don’t see your changes right away, refresh the page.

Reviewing Applicants:

  1. Applicants submit their application information and resume while applying for the TA jobs.
  2. Click on the number in the ‘Applications’ column on the Jobs page. This number shows how many applications you have received for this course (it works as a button). It opens the list of applicants for the course.
  3. Under the list, you can review the resume and other information about an applicant by clicking on their CWL.
  4. You can review the applications by clicking on the document icon under the ‘Applications tab’.

Select Applicants:

  1. You can select applicants by clicking on the ‘Select’ button under the ‘Instructor Preference’ column on the far-right.
  2. You have four choices of status: Critically Requested, Requested, Acceptable, No Preference.
  3. To choose an applicant, use Critically Requested, Requested or Acceptable. 
  4. Enter the number of hours assigned to the applicants you have chosen. The total number of assigned and accumulated TA hours can be seen on the top of the page.
  5. After you have assigned hours, you can check on the status of your choices by clicking on the number button in the Applications column again. You will be able to see whether the Offer contract has been sent (by the Academic Coordinator or another Administrator), and whether the student has Accepted or Declined it.
  6. When an applicant receives a job Offer contract, they are expected to Accept or Decline it in the LFS TA Application at the earliest possible date, normally no later than 10 business days from the date of the Offer. If they have not done so, feel free to contact them and ask them about it.
  7. Any comments for the Academic Coordinator or Administrators can be entered by clicking on ‘Write’ to write a note, and on the document icon to check for notes from the Academic Coordinator or administrators.

Note: Once submitted, the hours and status cannot be changed without the help of the Academic Coordinator or administrator.