DED1E7B2-EC71-4238-BB7E-B4CA717BE080Figure: purple blossomed plant at centre

Alternatively, may be:  N. discolor Royle ex Benth. (which was in Thalle); N. connata Royle ex Benth. or N. floccosa Benth. ; possibly Mentha royleana Wall. ex Benth.

Common name: Catmint

Family: Lamiaceae

Information: Open slopes, drier areas only, Afghanistan to S.W. China, 3000-4500 m (Polunin and Stainton 1999)

Was included in 2016  surveys in Baumharel and Deosai plateau

Photo: Deosai Plateau, ungrazed, 4200 m; N. Hewitt Jul 22, 2021 [DSC 0561-2]; Species ID # 33


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