AFF0FB3B-16E1-47EA-A917-BACF9A851E6CAllardia is synonymous with Waldheimia ; WFO states this sp is a synonym of Waldheimia glabra (Decne.) Regel.

NB: Yellow blossom is Potentilla; this individual is not in flower.

Common name:

Family: Compositae

Information: occurs in screes and stony slopes, drier areas, common at 4000-5500 m (Polunin and Stainton 1999)

Photo: Deosai Plateau, North edge along a gently sloping south facing aspect, July 28, 2016. N. Hewitt. [specimen #57, photo 0994]


Sources and additional resources:

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Missouri Bot Garden (2021). Allardia glabra Decne. in Tropicos Flora of Pakistan. Accessed 19 Jul 2021

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