WFO reports this name as ambiguous, see below; Potentially Bistorta officinalis (a European Bistort)

Common name: Himalayan fleeceflower; Bistort

Family: Polygonaceae

Information: “A common alpine and subalpine species, grows on open slopes, edges and rocky places on higher altitudes from 3000-4800 m, quite variable especially in the habit, leaf and peduncle length.” (Flora of Pakistan 2021)

Related species of bistort: The rhizome is used for making tea and used in the same way as that of the following species, Bistorta amplexicaulis. (MBG-Flora of Pakistan 2021)

Photo: Mesic mid slope, Deosai plateau NE facing edge, 4300 m. Jul 2016. Species ID #99; photos DSC-1027-8. N Hewitt


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