Course Materials

Supplementary Readings

There are several supplementary readings that accompany this course. The titles are:

Castello, J. D., Teale, S. A. (Eds.). (2011). Forest health: An integrated perspective. Cambridge University Press. ISBN: 9780521747417.

Mooney, H. A., Hobbs, R. J. (2000). Invasive species in a changing world. Washington, DC: Island Press. ISBN: 1559637811.

Lindenmayer, D. B., Franklin, J. F. (2002). Conserving forest biodiversity: A comprehensive multiscaled approach. Washington, DC: Island Press. ISBN: 1559639342.

Zhang, D. W., Pearse, P. H. (2012). Forest Economics. Vancouver, BC: UBC Press. ISBN-13: 9780774821537.

You will be expected to read a considerable amount of supplementary materials. This is referred to in the individual topics.