Course Structure

The course is organized into four modules. Each module typically consists of background information, online video lectures, resources, and a self-test.

  • Silviculture As a Basis for Forest Management
    • Topic 1: Principles of silviculture
    • Topic 2: Basic practices of silviculture
    • Topic 3: New techniques and trends in silviculture
  • Module 2: Forest Resource Management
    • Topic 1: Forest inventory and monitoring
    • Topic 2: Forest growth and yield modeling
    • Topic 3: Forest carbon accounting
  • Module 3: Dealing with Forest Disturbances
    • Topic 1: Forest pest control
    • Topic 2: Manage invasive species
    • Topic 3: Forest fire management
  • Module 4: Social-economic Aspects of Forest Resource Management and Protection
    • Topic 1: Forest resource policy
    • Topic 2: Economic analysis for forest management
    • Topic 3: Local community engagement in forest management

Students taking this course should work through the course methodically. You are strongly advised to study the topics in the order that they are presented, but bear in mind that it is always possible to return to particular topics to study them in greater detail.