everything is art

So I’ve blogged before. But not necessarily like this. I feel a distinct obligation to use big words and be coherent. Unfortunately, the mind is not always coherent. So have I reached an impasse? A stalling point?
Perhaps not.
I keep staring at my attempt at an artsy title for this introductory post and can’t help but cringe. It takes way too much effort to keep up a pretense of constant knowledgeability. My mind is often in a place where I can’t sort through my thoughts because there are too many of them. I can almost bet with confidence that many of those thoughts are something along the lines of: a;lskdfja;slkdfj.
I should mention that I ramble. That’s a really important fact. I’ll try to keep that on the down low.
While this blog is initially created as a course blog, I don’t think that’s what I want this to be. Rather, it’s not the only thing I want this blog to be. While I do have my own personal blog on Tumblr (yep, I’m one of those people and I promise we’re a good people!) that doesn’t mean I always post things about me. I find that my idea of how much should be said about myself online is a strange perspective. And I think we all have some type of this way of thinking when we put anything about ourselves out there. Especially our thoughts.
We can claim as much as we want that we don’t care what people think about us or how they see us. But it does cross our mind. It crosses my mind all the time. I’m always looking at things and people and trying to understand and observe them, so I naturally wonder if people do that when they see me as well. The way people see us is just a mirror with an opinion, really. So why not wonder?
Sorry, I think I just got a little off topic there. Often times I get lost in my musings and forget my real point. But that only happens in my head, I promise. I try to keep it out of my essays.
I guess what I’m trying to say in this not at all introductory post with a silly not very artsy title is that we see ourselves in a different way than from what people see when they look at us. And because of that we control what we say in places like blogs because people can see further into us through our words. And because this is my blog, and I don’t believe that it’s purpose will be purely academic 100% of the time, I can only hope that the glimpse I give into how I see myself only gives you (whoever you are, hello!) a fair perspective that you judge in a hopefully nice way.
Yeah, I think that’s the point I was trying to make. Who knows, maybe I didn’t have a point to begin with.
Like I said, the rambling thing strikes again.

Here’s to the adventure of blogging!