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The purpose of this site is to connect you to teaching and learning-related information in the UBC Biology Program. We showcase tips for teaching and spotlight the great work being done in our teaching and learning community.

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People Spotlights

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Instructor Spotlights: Our monthly feature of great instructors and their projects happening in UBC Biology.

TA Spotlights: Our feature of graduate Teaching Assistants (TAs) and the great accomplishments and contributions they are making to the Biology program.

Peer Tutor Spotlights: Our feature of peer tutors and the great accomplishments and contributions they are making to the Biology program.

Staff Spotlights: Our feature of amazing staff and the work they do to support learning within the Biology program at UBC.

Teaching Spotlights: A selection of initiatives and activities that feature our students, faculty, and staff.

Tips for Teaching

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Monthly Tips for Teaching: Featured tips and best practices for teaching and learning.

UBC Biology Instructor FAQs: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on course syllabi, academic concessions, and other guidelines for learner-centred and inclusive teaching.

Interesting Reads: A monthly selection of recent papers and readings relevant to teaching and learning happening in UBC Biology.

Mid-course Student Feedback Resources: Links to templates and advice guides specific to UBC Science

Resource Spotlights: A collection of resources to support teaching and learning

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