Introduction for #h817open

Even though ETMOOC still has another 1.5 weeks to go, and though I’m about to leave town for two weeks, I still decided to enrol in another open course: Open Education from the Open University. I will not be able to participate to the level I have in ETMOOC, given that I have so many things to do before my sabbatical ends and I leave Australia at the end of June. But I think it will be useful, given that it’s focused on various aspects of open education, including discussing just what “open” means, talking about OERs, MOOCs, and more. So some of my blog posts in the next seven weeks will be focused on activities related to that course, but I expect they’ll be of interest to at least some current readers as well.

For fellow participants in the open education course (h817open): my name is Christina Hendricks, and I’m a Sr. Instructor in Philosophy at the University of British Columbia, which is a tenured position focused on teaching (rather than research). My page has a good deal of info, as does my Google+ profile. This is me on Twitter.

I’m currently on sabbatical in Melbourne, Australia, trying to jump start a new research focus in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL). I’ve done quite a bit of reading on learning communities (as I teach in one at UBC, and Chaired it for two years: Arts One) as well as peer assessment–if you’re interested, you could click on the “Scholarship of Teaching and Learning” category on the right, as I think I’ve put all (or at least most) of my posts related to these issues into that category. I’ve also got a set of posts called “Research Reviews,” in which I summarize the main points of some of the SoTL articles I’m reading and respond to them–those can be found at the menu on the top.

Even though I really don’t have time to participate in h817open as I’d like, I decided to enrol because through my experience in another MOOC I’m in the process of finishing, ETMOOC (Educational Technology and Media MOOC), I’ve become very interested in open education and really want to learn more. I had an idea for opening up my own courses in Philosophy or Arts One: see my earlier posts here and here for explanations.

I may not post every week, but I’ll try to do so at least every two weeks. And I’m an avid Twitter user, so I’ll definitely be following and contributing to the #h817open hashtag. I look forward to connecting!