Summer Gathering on May 20th!

by Jing Liu ~ May 10th, 2006. Filed under: News & Announcement.

Beibei was the first one replied and picked the date. Let’s try to gather at Asian Library UBC on May 20th. Beibei will invite her boss and other colleagues from VPL.

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  1.   Henry

    May 20 at Asian Library sounds good to me. What should each of us bring to the gathering and at what time?

  2.   Jian

    Any time on May 20 works for me.

  3.   Qi

    I also prefer May 20. Thanks.

  4.   Lei

    Well, I have to take a summer course on Saturday morning, May 20. It would be great if the gathering will start at noon or later.

  5.   Jing

    Shall we start at 3 pm? The garden is in its best season. Family and friends can play outside or read in the library. I can prepare drinking water and tea, maybe we each can bring some finger food?

  6.   Linda

    We could ask people to prepare a 3-5 minutes speech to talk about themselves or anything they want. Of course, people can opt not to do it, if they are too shy.

    On my agenda, I like to talk about the Toastmasters,
    for personal and professional enrichment and

  7.   Beibei

    Jan and I will be there. unfortunately, other Chinese staff in our division have to work on that day. See you all then.

  8.   Shumin

    Sorry, I won’t be able to make it since I will be working on that day. Enjoy!

  9.   Lucy Zhang

    FYI, if anyone is interested in this event, I’d like to invite you as my guest. Please reply by May 24.

    The University Women’s Club of Vancouver congratulates you on your upcoming graduation and invites you and your guests to a Graduates’ Reception in honour of this significant event:

    Monday, May 29th, 2006
    5:30 to 7pm
    at Hycroft ~ 1489 McRae Avenue, Vancouver
    (just southeast of 16th and Granville)

    The University Women’s Club of Vancouver is a club for women with degrees or two years of post secondary education from accredited universities and colleges. Our current membership represents graduates from over 100 universities worldwide. Members of the Club enjoy many benefits, including: mentoring and networking; social activities; enrichment and inspiration through workshops, conferences, lectures and guest speakers; advocacy; committees and interest groups; and use of our beautiful heritage house.

    The reception is free, and includes refreshments as well as a brief introduction to our club and house. This event is open to women graduates of all universities and colleges – please feel free to forward this invitation to your friends and colleagues. RSVP by Thursday, May 25th to or 604-731-4661 with your name and those of any guests you may wish to bring.

  10.   Ping

    Summer gathering is a good idea. May 20 won’t work for me, for we’re going to Victoria. May 27 or June 3 will be good. If May 20 works for most people, just go ahead. There will always be next one.


  11.   Ian

    May 20 sounds good to me too.

  12.   Heather

    I am pleased to introduce Lei Zhang, who will join us on Saturday. Lei is a PhD student at SLAIS, some of you have met her before. She started her doctoral program in September 2005. Lei and I had enjoyed working in a group project, that’s how we got to know each other. Please join me welcoming Lei to our meeting.

    I am looking forward to seeing you all on Saturday!



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