For blogs you like, you might consider setting up an RSS Reader so that you can easily keep track of new posts or your favourite blogs. Setting up an RSS Reader is super easy. There are bunch of options out there, such as add-ons to Firefox, or RSS Readers that are built right into your email client.

Blog groups

Many popular science magazines have started collecting groups of science blogs.  Discover, Wired and Seed are all examples.

ScienceBlogs is the collection of blogs.

The New York Times has a few science blogs:
Dot Earth
Scientists at Work

Discover Magazine also has a collection of blogs.

National Geographic hosts different blogs, including The Loom and Not Exactly Rocket Science.

Wired maintains a group of blogs including a few specific to science.

The Public Library of Science has started a blog network.

Big Think is another group of academic-ish blogs.  Matt Nisbet, a prof at American University in D.C., has this blog about public engagement.


Ben Goldacre is a working physician but also maintains a great blog called Bad Science (plus, he is hilarious!)

Sarah Chow is a UBC graduate student with videos and podcasts covering science as well as student life.

Sarah Everts blogs about the science behind museums at Artful Science.

Science News Websites

New Scientist is a weekly magazine published in the UK and is a great source of science news.

The New York Times covers a lot of science and each Tuesday features an entire science section called the Science Times.

BBC Science & Nature


Toronto Star Science

Guardian Science

National Geographic
National Geographic Canada

Discovery Channel Canada

Scientific American

Canadian Geographic


Science Now

Knight Science Journalism Tracker

Scitech Daily


CBC Radio One has some excellent science programming. Here is a rundown of programs that exclusively or regularly feature science stories. Many of these programs are available as podcasts.

  • Quirks and Quarks
  • Ideas
  • White Coat Black Art
  • Spark
  • The Sunday Edition
  • One Ocean
  • The Current
  • As it Happens