Below are several booklists related to resources in French, and to teaching French immersion or French as a second language.

Easy and Level Readers – Lecteurs faciles (français)

Enseigner le français, langue additionelle – Teaching French Language Learners

Études sociales en français – French Social Studies

La science en français – French Science

Livres bilingues et multilingues français et autochtones – French & Indigenous Bilingual and Multilingual Books

Livres d’images autochtones en français – French Indigenous Picture Books

Livres français sur l’orientation sexuelle et à l’identité de genre – French SOGI Books 

Finding More Resources

To find more resources in this area, try the following:

  • Search using the General tab on the UBC Library website to look for material in all UBC Library branches.
  • Search using “Search Education Resources” box in the left hand bar on the Education Library website to limit your results to materials in the Education Library.
  • To find lesson plans, include “lesson plans”, “lesson planning”, or “activity programs” in your search terms.
  • Use specific search terms, such as “french language–study and teaching”, “Indigenous”, “picture books”, “juvenile literature”, etc.

For more help with searching, please visit the Library Service Desk or e-mail

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