UCA / UBC partnership signed by respective Presidents

The journey begins!

UCA representatives visited UBC Tuesday Jan 10th, and agreements were signed by UBC’s President, Dr. S. Ono and UCA’s Chairman of the Board, Dr. S. Kassim-Lakha.

UCA attendees at the signing included:

  • Shamsh Kassim Lakha, Chairman of the Board UCA
  • Diana Pauna, Dean of Arts and Sciences UCA
  • Ariff Kachra, Founding Dean of Arts and Sciences UCA
  • Farzana Karim Haji, Director of Partnerships Aga Khan University
  • Nasir Pirani, Director of Advancement and Public Affairs UCA

UBC attendees included:

  • Santa J. Ono, President
  • Marwan Hassan, Head of Geography Dept
  • Roger Beckie, Head of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences Dept
  • Loch Brown, Instructor Department of Geography
  • Francis Jones, Science Teaching and Learning Fellow, EOAS Dept
  • Adel El Zaim, Executive Director International
  • Bob Korzeniowski, International Relations Officer

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