Discussion Forums


The course will include the following forums:

The Canvas CHAT

 This forum is where you will post all questions with the expectation that your instructor will be on the page on a regular basis. Likewise, your instructor will expect you to monitor the page for comments or instructions.

The Writing Team Forums

You and your classmates will self-organize yourselves into teams of four on the basis of an application letter and introductory postings you submit in Unit 1 to the writing teams in which you will work collaboratively through the remaining units of the course. In each writing team forum you will post assignments and peer review activities. These forums are intended to foreground student writers and learners and to position instructors in the background. So, the instructor’s role here is to step back to allow students to be heard—in other words, to stay on the sidelines, intervening occasionally to refocus activity or to ensure a good working environment for team members.

The Instructor’s weekly Blog:

The instructor will post a weekly Monday Blog, and sometimes during the week as well. The blog will comment on progress, provide writing tips with examples and include additional instructions and reflections as the course proceeds.