Lesson 3:2

WEEK EIGHT: Drafting Formal Reports


  • Complete all necessary research for Formal Report
  • Organize your data and create your visuals
  • Analyze  and create charts for your survey and or interview results


  • Technical Communications: Please review these Chapters: The Research Process & The Formal Analytical Report
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3:2 Assignments:

PLEASE SEE Due dates on our Course Schedule

  •  Formal Report Draft posted on your team forum page as a word doc  AND emailed to your peer reviewer [do NOT cc your instructor] . Please ensure that you include your reader’s name and title on your cover page. Before midnight [late assignments will loose 0.5 points per day]


Your draft document should contain the core elements of the report, including the following:

  • the working title and title page
  • the table of contents
  • the introduction
  • the body of the report complete with appropriate headings and subheadings
  • at least two of the illustrations you plan to integrate into the text of the report, complete with the label you plan to use
  • in-text references in MLA style to any secondary sources you quote, paraphrase, or otherwise use in the report
  • your list of conclusions and recommendations

Note: What you need not include in this first draft are certain of the supplements ordinarily completed closer to the submission of the final draft: the letter of transmittal, the abstract, the list of illustrations, the full set of illustrations, the appendices, the final list of any references consulted.