Technology Requirements

First we expect you to have at least basic computer operating skills, such as the ability to use a mouse and keyboard, word-processing software, a web-browser and email.

Word Processor

We recommend that you use Microsoft Word as a word-processor when you are completing assignments for ENGL301, especially since your instructor will often use Word to insert editorial or assessment comments in your assignments.

Web Browser

We are using UBC Blogs to deliver this course, and you will need to use a web browser that is compatible with this environment.

Email client

Most of the communication in English 301 will take place through this course website e-mail account, but you will also need to have access to your own e-mail account. If you have more than one, choose the account you will check most often as your main e-mail contact for the course and let your instructor know the address by the second day of the course. This way, your instructor will be able to reach you in a timely fashion.

Technical Support

For technical support, please send an e-mail to indicating the course name (and section number) and the session you are registered for. To help us troubleshoot the problem, please include in your email specific details about your technical difficulty, such as the error message that you have received, as well as details about your computer operating system (Windows or Mac), type of Internet connection, and the browser (and version number) that you are using.