Lesson 4:3


WEEK TWELVE Complete Formal Report


  • Complete Formal Report


4:3 Assignments: 

PLEASE SEE Due dates on our Course Schedule

  •  Formal Report posted on your team forum as a pdf file before midnight [late assignments will loose 0.5 points per day]
  •  Web Folio – to be posted on your team forum before midnight  [late assignments will loose 0.5 points per day]



  • Build Web Folio


  • Technical Communications: Editing; Chapter 11, Designing Visual information, Chapter 12, Webpage, Chapter 25.
  • Instructor’s Blog

Web Folio Assignment:

If you google ‘Web Folio’ you will arrive at different sites with examples of Web Folio’s, and what you will discover is that there is not a single template or style for creating a Web Folio; and this is because Web Folios fulfill different purposes.

You first task is to determine who will be reading your Folio; who is your audience?

If you are going onto graduate school, you might want to design a Web Folio that highlights academic achievements and future goals. If you are going into the job market, than you might want to design a Web Folio that highlights your marketable skills that are relevant to your career choice. If you are an aspiring international volunteer,  you might want to design a Folio that highlights your travel experience, your communication and cross-cultural skills along with past volunteer endeavours.

Once you have determined the purpose and reader[s] of your particular Web Folio, you will design your site and employ visuals and a tone in your narratives that you think will be most impressive and friendly and professional for that audience.

Next task is to design your site, you should refer to Chapter 25 for advice on webpage design. The text recommends you make a storyboard first, and this is a good idea.

Required Pages:

Home page:

  1. Welcome your reader
  2. Introduce the purpose of your Web Folio
  3. Provide some navigational advice for your reader
  4. Any other content you want on your home page
  5. Be certain to include at least, the very least, one hyperlink and one visual

Blog Page:

  1. You have composed three reflective blogs this semester, you should edit and proofread and edit again your existing reflections — to perfection.
    • Consider including hyperlinks and visuals
    • Consider composing titles for each individual reflection
    • Consider writing a short introduction reflecting on your past reflections.
  1. You are going to write two more reflection posts: one that reflects on the process of creating your Web folio, and a final ‘self-assessment reflection’ of your own design.
    • Your self-assessment should include some discussion on weakness’ and strengths in both your learning process and your assignments.
    • Your self-assessment should include some discussion on how your skills and strengths as a student support your future career, volunteer or educational goals.
  1. A page for your LinkedIn profile hyperlink 
  2. A page for your online resume: this means you resume is on the page – not an attachment. NOTE: Online résumés are more general than those tailored for specific job applications. They also offer the opportunity to use keywords that will be triggered in online searches. 
  3. A page for your Application package pdf file
    • ALL pages should include introductions and brief summaries of the content of the hyperlinks.
    • Consider including visuals and hyperlinks if appropriate
    • The reason you provide a pdf file. as well as the page, is for easy downloading, filing, printing or emailing — for your reader.
  1. A page for examples of your best work this semester with commentary on the purpose and success of each assignment you chose to include on the page.  You should self-edit according to your peer reviews and include:
    • Revised Definition Assignment
    • Revised Peer Review of the Definition Assignment
    • Revised Formal Report Proposal and Progress Report with Surveys
    • Revised Complaint letter and Response letter
    • Revised Peer Review of Application Package
    • Revised Peer Review of a Formal Report
  1. Any other pages you may want to design to supplement this list.

Ideas for individualizing your Web Folio: these are not required elements, just suggestion for you.

Try to find a single unique quality about yourself that you can emphasize with your narratives, introductions or visuals, like a theme, through out your pages — this will help you to individualize your Web Folio. 

  1. A thematic visual throughout your site can be appealing; this is a way of ‘branding’ your Web Folio.
  2. A page with links to groups or organizations you are associated with that includes a short narrative for each hyperlink
  3. A page with examples of your work or projects that are relevant from past classes or professional experiences.
  4. If you have a YouTube channel, if appropriate, you might want to include a link
  5. If you have social media sites that are appropriate, you might want to include a link

 Now, the big question is – where do you want to build your Web Folio?

  • You could use your 301 site; move content around and add the necessary pages.
  • You could create a new UBC Blog and begin from scratch, cutting and pasting from your 301 site.
  • If you have experience with other platforms that you prefer; you are free to use a different platform.

BIG FINAL NOTE:  each error of grammar and spelling and typos will cost you points.  Please ask one of your team members to proof read well before submitting your link. Thank you.