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Hangwei Bao, Zhe Su, Di Fei Su and Luke Jung

Revised Application Package

Application package Hangweibao Here’s my application package.


Hi guys, sorry my chrome shut down unexpectedly yesterday. Here’s my webfolio. Home

Formal Report – Final

Hi team, Please see the attached PDF for the final copy of my formal report. Formal Report   Thanks and best of luck.   Regards, Zhe Su


Hello all, My webfolio can be access with the following link: Webfolio   Thanks for everything and best of luck for the remainder of 2020. Regards, Zhe Su

301 Formal Report

Dear Teammates, It has been a lovely semester. Here is my formal report final draft.   ENGL301 Formal Report Hangwei Bao All the best to you. Hangwei


Hello all, This is my WebFolio. Please enjoy reading and it was great meeting all of you through this course. Good luck for the upcoming semester and always be safe from the pandemic ! Thank you all.

Formal report_LukeJang

Hello team, This is my formal report (revised edition). Thanks.FormalReport_LJANG

Application Package Review for Luke Jang

To:  Luke Jang, ENGL 301 Student From: Hangwei Bao, ENGL 301 Student, Reviewer Date: August 15th, 2020 Subject: Peer Review of Application Package Thank you for submitting the “Application Package” directed at RCMP. It was an informative and enjoyable read.

Peer Review of Application Package for Di Fei Su

To: Di Fei Su, ENGL 301 student From: Zhe Su, ENGL 301 student Date: 15 August 2020 Subject: Peer Review of the Application Package draft   Thank you for putting together your application package. I have thoroughly read through the

Peer Review of Application Package for Hangwei Bao

To: Hangwei Bao, ENGL 301 student From: Luke Jang, ENGL 301 student Date: 13 August 2020 Subject: Peer Review of the Application Package draft Hello, thank you for putting together various information to form a draft for an Application Package.


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