Application Package Review for Luke Jang

To:  Luke Jang, ENGL 301 Student

From: Hangwei Bao, ENGL 301 Student, Reviewer

Date: August 15th, 2020

Subject: Peer Review of Application Package

Thank you for submitting the “Application Package” directed at RCMP. It was an informative and enjoyable read. Strengths of the report include proper citation, detailed and concise resume, as well as a professional tone throughout. Revision of the layout of “Job Advertisement” would improve the “ final Application Package”. Please consider the following feedback during revision.

First impression: The package meets the requirement of the assignment; the core elements of the assignment are presented.  Adding more details to the reference letters can improve the final Application Package.


* Improving the format of the application package would improve the readability. For example, considering present each document on its own page, adding subheadings to direct the readers, so that they know what sections they are reading.

Content :

Job Advertisement :

      * Coping and paste the job advertisement can fix blurry text and improve readability.

   *  Adjusting the overall font size could make the document more visually appealing.

   *  Citation is mostly done, adding the date of this job advertisement could improve its format.


    * Organization: Placing the address, dates, and contact information on the same page of your resume could improve readability; as it may confuse the reader that this information was written for the cover letter, not the resume.

   *  Listing the skill you have could improve your resume

   * Education specializations are clearly stated; the graduation months are presented as well. Well done!

Application Letter:

   * Organization: the application letter is nicely organized, however, large the font size could make the document more readable.

   * Adding your personal contact information at the end of the letter could make the document more complete.

   * Adding your signature could make the document more professional

Three Reference Letters

    * Reference letters are well organized. All the required components are included.

    * Similar to the application letter, making the font size larger could make the letters more readable.

    * Adding more details such as your experience with your co-worker would be nice.

    * Change the font style to Times New Roman could make your document more professional


  • The tone throughout the application package is professional and appropriate
  • Personal pronouns were used in the correct way


There are some grammar issues in the reference letters:

* Placing the adjective after the verb may improve the sentence’s grammar, such as ” I sincerely thank you” to ” I thank you sincerely”

* When connecting two independent clauses with the word “however”, change the comma to a semicolon: ” xxx; however, xxx”

Concluding comments

The application package meets the requirement. You have made a good start, with the following adjustments you can make the application package stronger:

   * Changing the size of your font and your font style

   * Organize the document more clearly

    * Adding more details to the reference letter.

It was a pleasure reviewing this application package. I hope the suggestions are helpful in completing the revision. Please let me know by;  if you have any questions or need any clarification.

Thank You.


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