Unit 1

Welcome to the First Unit of our course of studies:


Introductions, Definitions & Peer Reviews.

Each Unit has three lessons; one lesson a week.
In Unit One our overall objectives are:

  • to familiarize ourselves with
    • our textbook: Technical Communications, Fourteenth Edition
    • our Course Description & Course Schedule
    • each other — through the practice of professional letters of application, memos, emails & student blogs
  • to study and practice writing techniques that are applicable to a range of technical and professional practices, in particular
    • defining terms
    • and peer review
  • to learn how to
    • write and read peer reviews with expertise
    • reflect on your writing practices
    • and self-edit accordingly

In order to fulfill our objectives, in Lesson One we will begin by exploring the course description and schedule, and reading the introductory chapters of our online textbook [pages 1 – 105] and you will set up your Student Blog. In Lesson Two, you will self-organize yourselves into writing teams of four members and you will collaboratively study and practice techniques for writing professional letters, memos and emails — by writing these documents for each other, and your instructor.  In Lesson Three, you will study and practice writing techniques for Definitions & Peer review. The third lesson of each Unit concludes with a Reflection Blog; you choose one of your writing assignments from Unit One, edit the piece according to your peer review feedback, and then write a reflection on the original writing and the editing process.

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