The Assignments tool

You will post all of your assignments on your UBC Blog; either in the form of a webpage or as downloadable file.


  1. In fairness to students who work hard to meet course deadlines, and in keeping with the collaborative requirements of this online course, late assignments will be assessed a penalty of 5% per day. Accommodations may be made in cases of serious acute illness or other sudden and unforeseen circumstances, provided that adequate documentation is submitted to the instructor in a timely way.
  2. In keeping with the University’s commitment to academic integrity, all assignments using secondary sources—whether the sources are statistical, graphic, non-electronic, electronic, quoted, paraphrased or summarized—must be fully and correctly documented in 2003 MLA or APA style. For further information on these issues, please refer to your textbook: The Concise Canadian Writer’s Handbook, or to the following resources from the UBC library: Plagiarism Resource Centre for Students –
  3. Given the collaborative and intensive nature of the course, instructors will not accept submission of multiple late assignments at any point in the term. In other words, you need to submit your assignments according to the dates outlined in the Course Schedule.