Unit 4

Welcome to Unit Four:

Drafting & Completing Major Assignments:
Application Package, Formal Report & Web Folio

This is the final Unit of our course of studies and you will be drafting, reviewing, editing and completing your two major assignments in the next three weeks: Application Package, Formal Report. As you know, there is no final Exam for this course. In place of a final exam you will be creating a Web Folio.

Lesson 4: 1 Your objectives are:

  • To select the recipient[s] and design both your application package and your strategies for developing a professional social network
    • These two objectives should be approached together
  • To practice the art of short informal report writing between peers with the purpose of sharing strategies
  • To further practice the art of peer review with an extended focus on grammar, word choices, sentence structure and overall professional style of expression.

Lesson 4:2 Your objectives are:

  • To scrutinize your application package and self-edit your work into a fully professional set of documents ready to be posted online – without a single typo, spelling or grammar error
  • I advise you to ask one of your team members to proof read for errors and style before submitting your completed assignment. Attention to details and organization are as important as your skills with resume writing, your ability to write persuasively and with You Attitude.

Lesson 4: 3 Your objectives are:

  • To ever so carefully scrutinize your Formal Report and self edit your work into a fully professional document ready for submission
  • To create your online Web Folio

Please Note: Lesson 4:3 is a two week lesson and accordingly expectations for a perfectly professional document and Web Folio are extremely high.

You should proceed to Lesson 4: 1 now, thank you.