Lesson 1:1


WEEK ONE:      Introduction and setting up Student Blogs



  • Access  this source for our online textbook, or, alternatively you can order the text online from another source. Spend some time becoming familiar with the tools this online resource offers
  • Learn how to set up your UBC blog
  • Study the Course Description and the Introduction to our course on the Instructor’s blog


  • Instructor’s Blog
  • How to set up your UBC Blog
  • Technical Communications: INTRODUCTION TO TECHNICAL COMMUNICATION Pages 1 – 100.
  • I would also like you spend some time exploring the index of this textbook; just get an idea of the range of writing concerns we have to traverse as technical and professional writers in the workplace.

1:1 Assignments:  PLEASE SEE Due dates on our Course Schedule

1:1 Set up your UBC Blog and include a menu with:

  • A Home page that introduces this course of studies, based on the course description, and comments on your expectations for this course (300 words)
  • A BIOGRAPHY page that that outlines your academic and professional interests (300 words)
  • A Blog  – where you will post your reflections, reviews and assignments as instructed
  • Post the link to your Home page on our CHAT page on Canvas
    • NOTE: Please read the instructions carefully re: the difference between a ‘page‘ and a ‘post.’

Blog set-up instructions:

Be sure that the blog theme you choose includes:

  • Automatic dating when you post
  • Allows comments without approval
  • Has a side bar widget that indicates recent posts and recent comments
  • Be sure to follow the instructions for privacy concerns

If you have any questions on how to complete these objectives and assignments – please post them on our  CHAT page on Canvas you will need to request access once you arrive on the page. You are also free and encouraged to make other comments or share links on our CHAT page, this is as close to a classroom space that we will have, so please do utilize our FB page to the max. I will be online every working day – unless the internet goes down, or there is a power outage and modem is not working. If you have a private question, please feel free to email me: erika.paterson@ubc.ca