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Revised Application Package

Application package Hangweibao Here’s my application package.


Hi guys, sorry my chrome shut down unexpectedly yesterday. Here’s my webfolio. Home


Hi guys, Sorry my computer crashed yesterday. Here’s my webfolio:

301 Formal Report

Dear Teammates, It has been a lovely semester. Here is my formal report final draft.   ENGL301 Formal Report Hangwei Bao All the best to you. Hangwei

Application Package Review for Luke Jang

To:  Luke Jang, ENGL 301 Student From: Hangwei Bao, ENGL 301 Student, Reviewer Date: August 15th, 2020 Subject: Peer Review of Application Package Thank you for submitting the “Application Package” directed at RCMP. It was an informative and enjoyable read.

Application Package Draft

Dear Group members, You can find my application package draft here: Application package draft_ Hangweibao Thank you

Peer review of “Formal Draft Report” for Di Fei Su

Review of Formal Draft Report: Enhancing Remote Working Experience for Google Software Engineers Thank you for submitting the formal draft report: Enhancing Remote Working Experience for Google Software Engineers. It was an informative and enjoyable read. Strengths of the report

Formal Report Draft

Hi team, I have trouble meeting shareholders again, and some information is confidential, and I am in the progress of negotiation, they agree to share some vague data with me, and anyone who is reviewing my work, I can shoot

Complaint letter & Bad News Letter

Letter 1: Complaint letter Hangwei Bao 5687 Gray Avenue, Vancouver, CA, V6S 0A9 Phone : (778)929-6339 Email: July 21, 2020 Nordstrom Pacific Centre Phone :(604) 699-2100 799 Robson St, Vancouver, BC V7Y 0A2 Attention: Consumer Affairs Department Subject: Rude

Peer Review for Su Zhe’s “MEMORANDUM for Evan Crisp”

To: Su Zhe From: Hangwei Bao Peer Review: MEMORANDUM for Evan Crisp Thank you for submitting your “You Attitude” assignment for session 3:1; this is an enjoyable read. Please see the review of the document below with suggestions for improvements,


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