Peer Review of Application Package for Hangwei Bao

To: Hangwei Bao, ENGL 301 student

From: Luke Jang, ENGL 301 student

Date: 13 August 2020

Subject: Peer Review of the Application Package draft

Hello, thank you for putting together various information to form a draft for an Application Package. I enjoyed reading through your package.

First Impressions:

All the information required is there, however, some parts of the package are in odd shape, meaning that some of the information were misplaced due to formatting error in your writing program. Also, different topics should have been divided properly on separate pages.

-In terms of content placement, it should have been better.
– For example, on page 4, the title ‘Resume’ is floating in the middle of the page without any content.
-Page 5, beginning of your reference letter is squeezed to the right side, making it difficult to read.
-Second letter is divided into 2 different pages. It would have been more neat if you put each letter was separated into individual pages.
-Last page is blank. This should have been removed.

-Length was suitable.
-Every content required for the assignment is present.
-Job advertisement is referenced using MLA format.

Cover letter
-Explains who you are nicely, however, more description of past experience should have been included.
-Email address listed at the bottom of the letter has an empty space before the ‘@’ sign. This can cause confusion. Please address.

-Nicely put together resume.

Reference Letters
-3 letter included, as required.
-Please include your name and address for yourself and the recipient including date.
-Polite voice to request reference checks.

-All requirements are met for the assignment, however, please address the formatting errors mentioned above. Also, address the reference letter format as well. Otherwise, it contains all the information needed.

One comment on “Peer Review of Application Package for Hangwei Bao
  1. HangweiBao says:

    Thank you! On that day my computer has some issues I don’t know why. Thanks for the review!

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